Dr. Rupal Shroff

Dr. Rupal Shroff

Assistant professor


Ph.D. Mathematics
M.Sc. Mathematics

Journal Publications

1) R. C. Shroff, Pseudo rank functions on multiplicative lattices, Bul. Cal. Math. Soc., 104 (2) (2012), 147 – 160.

2) S. K. Nimbhorkar and R. C. Shroff, Ojective ideals in modular lattices, Czech. Math. J., Vol. 65(1) (2015), 161-178.

3) S. K. Nimbhorkar and R. C. Shroff, Generalized extending ideals in modular lattices, J. of Ind. Math. Soc., Vol 82, No 3-4 (2015), 127-146.

4) S. K. Nimbhorkar and R. C. Shroff, Goldie extending ideals in modular lattices, Mathematica Bohemica, DOI: 10.21136/MB.2016.0049-14, December 2016.

5) R. C. Shroff, DIRECT SUMMANDS OF GOLDIE EXTENDING ELEMENTS IN MODULAR LATTICES, accepted for publication. 6) Vaishali M. Joshi and Rupal C. Shroff, Energy and Wiener index of graphs of some special lattices, communicated.

Conference Papers

1) Presented paper at “International e-Conference BLAST 2021 College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Mathematical Sciences, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Maxico City” in June 2021.

2) Presented paper at “86th Annual conference of the Indian Mathematical society-An International Meet (IMS-2020) organized by VIT, Vellore” in December 2020.

3) Presented paper at “International e-Conference on Nonlinear Analysis and its Applications (e-ICNAA2020) at Dept. of Mathematics, Dayanand Science College, Latur(M.S.)” in July 2020.

4) Presented paper at “International Conference on Recent trends in Algebra, Analysis and Applications at Dept. of Mathematics, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh(U.P.)” in February 2014.

5) Presented paper at “National Conference on Algebra, Analysis and Discrete Mathematics at Dept. of Mathematics, University of Pune, Pune(M.S.)” in April 2013.

6) Presented paper at “International Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematical Sciences at CMS, Kolkata(W.B.)” in December 2011.

7) Presented paper at “National Meet of Research Scholars in Mathematical Sciences”, at IIT Kharagpur(W.B.) in October 2011 sponsored by DST."

Teaching experience: 14+ Years

Research Interest
"Algebra, Lattice theory
and discrete mathematics"

Workshops and FDP's
"1) Online Teachers enrichment workshop on “Algebra and Discrete Mathematics(2020)-A joint program of INSA and NCM” organized by Mepco Schlenk Engineering college,Sivakasi from 30-11-2020 to 3/01/2021.

2) One Week Online Short Term Training Program on “Applications of Mathematical Sciences” organized by Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities, K.D.K. College of Engineering,Nagpur in July 2020.

3) International Webinar Series on ‘Advances in Mathematics’ organized by Tata Institute of Sciences, Tuljapur” in June 2020.

4) Two weeks “Instructional school for teachers – Fourier Analysis at Bhaskaracharya Pratishthan,Pune (M.S.)” from 14-26 November 2016.

5) “Effective Teaching Methodologies for Engineering Sciences”, at D.Y.Patil College of Engg. Pune(M.S.) in August 2011.

6) “International Congress of Mathematicians-2010”, at Heyderabad(A.P.) in August 2010.

7) A short term training program on Applied Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers, at VNIT, Nagpur (M.S.) in December 2009 sponsored by AICTE.

8) A short term course on Logic And Its Application, at IIT Kharagpur (W.B.) in January 2009 sponsored by M.H.R.D. and AICTE.

9) Four weeks STTP “Third annual foundation’s, Advanced Training in Mathematics Schools Part-1”, held at I.M.Sc. Chennai(T.N.) in December 2006 sponsored by N.B.H.M."

University Rank third in M.Sc.

Engineering Mathematics-I, Engineering Mathematics-II, Engineering Mathematics-III, Group Theory, Linear Algebra, Measure Theory and Integration